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The Lower Murray River RunTM:

There are several ways to drive from Wentworth to Adelaide, or Adelade to Wentworth, but a trip along the Murray would have to be the best way to go.

Nothing like the 'road less travelled'!

Wentworth to Lake Alexandrina

Distance: 548 km

This 'road less travelled' route is suitable for all types of vehicles and perfect for caravans and RVs. 

For those that in a hurry, the direct route between Wentworth and Wellington East near the mouth of the Murray as it enters Lake Alexandrina is 341 km, but where is the fun in that?

The adventure route is 200 km further, but the extra distance enables a greater experience of the towns and landscapes of the lower Murray River which includes the more majestic vistas synonymous with the long wide reaches of the Murray river and the sandstone cliffs that have been worked by the river over eons.

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