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Red Dirt StudioTM, an Albury based photographic and content creation agency, specialises in professional photography and content creation and digital publishing for tourism and lifestyle stakeholders across eastern Australia.

With over ten years experience working across rural and outback Australia, Red Dirt Studio's owner Simon Bayliss has a passion for professional photography and content creation which has enabled him to work across all genre of photography and media content covering editorial, portrait, product, promotion, vehicle, tourism, and travel.

The Outback (especially the Darling River and the Corner Country) is in his blood and he has supplied destination, touring and lifestyle content to most of the major publishers across Australia to promote this wonderful region of Australia.

With a love for Australian waterways, especially the Darling River, Simon passionately promotes the best ways to experience these iconic elements of the Australian landscape, especially the Darling River Run.

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Simon Bayliss @ Red Dirt Studio

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