Red Dirt Studio (Simon Bayliss)

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Red Dirt Studio (Simon Bayliss) is a Riverina based Content Management agency that specialises in just that, creating content (photography and editorial) and developing website assets to get people and businesses online!

Over the last decade, Simon has developed and managed many websites for lifestyle and tourism stakeholders across eastern Australia. He has also created the photographic and editorial content for use across travel and lifestyle media.

Over the last 15 years, Simon has also become a renowned professional photographer - and preferred service provider - across travel, tourism, and lifestyle media.

  • CMS Design & Development
  • Destination editorial
  • Touring route research & creation
  • Professional photography
  • SEO and SEO Services & Marketing

Simon enjoys visiting and connecting with in-region stakeholder across eastern Australia, especially the Darling River, a region he has passionately promoted over the years, and particularly the iconic Darling River Run touring route.

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Simon Bayliss @ Red Dirt Studio

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