Albury Web Design & Photographic Services

Albury Wodonga, Riverina, & Outback NSW

Red Dirt Studio specializes in web design & development, photography, online publishing, content creation, SEO, and E-commerce solutions to lifestyle and tourism stakeholders across eastern Australia.

For over ten years, Red Dirt Studio has provided affordable web solutions based on:

  • Extensive knowledge of online publishing and technologies.
  • Attuned understanding of the Client – Business interface.
  • Real-World experience working with travel & tourism stakeholders.

In conjunction with general CMS content, we also provide E-commerce facilities in addition to tourism marketing and promotion insights for better brand penetration into this very competitive market.

At Red Dirt Studio, we understand the potential of modern CMS and how to match it to your business.

Moreover, we cut through the hype that other’s offer, and provide you with an affordable web solution that works!

How are we performing?

SEO Growth, Red Dirt StudioWe recently did an SEO audit of the websites we currently host/manage - all of which we apply our SEO - and here are performance averages for the last three months; compared with previous year.

  • Session: +29%
  • Unique Users: +30%
  • Page Views: +31%
  • Pages per Session: +6%
  • Average Session: +13%

Hits and Misses: Notice we don’t mention ‘hits’. The old metric of hits is nothing more than when your website or web page appears in a search result, which may sound good but you might be on page 10, 50 or 469.

So while some SEO people still mention that in SEO proposals, it is of little relevance nowadays. The conversion of those hits to website viewing is what really matters.

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