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Building a website, like building anything, requires good planning and understanding of what is needed and what can be done – and fitting that into some web guidelines to ensure it 'fits' the web, but also that it is functional and searchable.

Good design, structure development and management if the website is to deliver online success. Gone are the days when a website can be slapped together and left for years. Today's websites need to be planned, upgraded and managed if they are to be successful and return a benefit.

Some tips for better web

One of the first things to consider about website building is that there is a HUGE difference between online and print publishing - so what works for your catalogues, brochures or advertisements in print will be very different what you put online.

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Challenges of print and going online

Unquestionably, there is a change in the air. It may be twenty years late for those who predicted the Internet would cause the demise of print, but it is slowly becoming apparent that change is happening; it probably won't play out the way doomsayers of the 90s had forecast. Print will be with us for a long time to come, but the commercial success of those products, and the brands surrounding them, is dependent on how this change is implemented.

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Start with a good design idea

There are some things to think about when it comes to Joomla Web design and structure of your website. Planning before development ensures your investment in web will be effective and efficient. There are many Joomla website design elements to consider when planning to develop your website and awareness when creating content will ensure the best possible website for both the visitor and also how search engines interpret your web pages.

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An overview of SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of website design and structure that will maximize your websites potential to be found in search results by your target audience. While this is a very basic and general definition, it should be the initial consideration that all subsequent activities should be based.

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Points on good website structure.

Over the years search engines have created algorithms to look at websites to determine its relevance within search engine results. With each algorithm, they are many out in SEO land that think they can trick search engines into ranking higher and in the past some have been successful though 'content farming' and copying content from other websites. Also, some create pages with little or no content.

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