The Darling River Run

Simon Bayliss touring the Darling River Run, Outback NSWAround 2008 I took a trip into the unknown, a journey of discovery, and got as far as the Darling River (at Louth), and while the river was not flowing due to a massive drought across Australia, there was something magical about it.

There was an intangible energy to it that stirred something in me. I had to learn more and discover the mystical river that has been an integral part to the First Nations, particularly the Barkindji, who have been living in the area for over 30,000 years; as well as the European explorers and pastoralists who came much later.

It can be bone dry or in high-flow, either way enables people to connect with each other and the river itself.

In 2009 I was commissioned to photograph, research and write about the Darling River and Outback NSW by Outback NSW Tourism for the Darling River Run Project , and over the last nine years, I have been lucky enough to have have driven along its entirety on average once a year.

The following is my Darling River Run, the most iconic Outback NSW touring routes, covering river camping and perferred tour route.  Simon Bayliss

Best time time to do the Darling River Run

The tour down the Darling can be done any time of the year with Autumn and Spring the pick; summer can be very hot and winter can be very cold (relative term). Basically, it can be done anytime of the year if prepared.

For many, the Darling River Run is regarded as one of the best outback touring routes in Outback NSW. While it might not be an extreme 4x4 adventure route that some seek, it is one that accessible in a conventional passenger vehicle, AWD SUV, motorbike, as well as a 4WD; with the advantage of being less than a days drive to get to the Darling River.

The Darling River Run, travelling the Darling River with a Jayco Penguin Camper Trailer. Simon Bayliss

For more information on the Darling River Run, including routes, itineraries, maps, accommodation and more, please see the NEW Darling River Run Website.

Red Dust on Snow  - Simon Bayliss