Norra Berget Sundsvall

Sundsvall Bilder

The Norrlands coastal town of Sundsvall is beautifully set between two mountains, Norra Berget (to the north and Södra Berget to the south, each with their own unique qualities and reasons to visit.

Norra Berget features a magnificent open air museum (Friluftsmuseet) with an extensive array of period buildings dating back to several hundreds of years and even has a church barn from the 1300's. A very popular place during summer, Norra Berget takes on a very special charm over the colder months with snow covering the ground and buildings.

With the outdoor musem (Naturreservat) and a vast network of walking and hiking tracks, is is truely a magical place to visit any time of the year, but especially so when special events are held at Norra Berget like the Christmas Market (Julmarknad) and Midsommar celebrations.

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