Nordic Seasons

Sundsvall Sweden

The countries of Scandinavia have real seasons... while much have the world experience winters, the Nordic countries (along with those that site above the 59th parallel across Asia and the America), experience very cold winters and plentiful snow down at sea level, then the spring beaks and everything comes alive. There is a buzz of human activity to make the most of wonderful warm (relative term) and sunny (hopefully) days; the hive of activity is futher compounded with the knowledge that summer is short and summers can be bad, and inhabitants can be back into Autumn and Winter quickly.

Sundvall, in central Sweden, experiences a climate that is exactly that. Summer can be wonderful, autumn is just beautiful, winter can be severe and long, but snow is usually plentiful, and the follow up spring completes the cycle of nature.

A highlight of a Summer in Sundsvall (and across Sweden) is the Midsommar (Midsummer) celebrations while a winter highlight is the Christmas Market (Julmarknad) also held at Norra Berget.

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