Destinations & Touring Routes

Red Dirt Studio has over the years supplied content for most of the top travel and lifestyle media.

By creating the best photographic and copy, Red Dirt Media is a desired option when it comes to travel and lifestyle stories for publishers.

Owner of Red Dirt Studio, Simon Bayliss, has always loved an adventure and that often entails a road-trip through the Outback or along some of our iconic rivers.

For Simon, there is nothing better than the ‘road less travelled’ to add to the adventure. Have travelled much of Australia over the last decade, he has a special passion for Outback NSW and the Darling River. The towns, people, National Parks, and iconic towns are what he connects to and is passionate about transposing those experiences photographically.

Simon re-ignited his passion for photography while touring Europe on his beloved Triumph during 2000 and 2001.

Since then, he has passionately sought out photographic content that is both inspirational and aspirational whether it is an iconic destination, majestic National Park, or the experiences of the ‘road less travelled’.