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Red Dirt Studio is an Albury media agency specialising in digital solutions covering web design & development, SEO, e-commerce, and professional photography services to travel, lifestyle, tourism and media stakeholders across eastern Australia.

Intro to Web Design

With a passion and understanding for outback and rural areas of Australia, we understand the elements required for successful promotion of in-region travel and lifestyle elements.

For over 10 years, our web design and development service has enabled our clients to successfully promote their brands both within their region as well as the wider audience across Australia.

This passion and understanding of modern web design and SEO techniques is paramount to our business and enables greater online success to our clients.

In conjunction with general CMS content, we also provide E-commerce facilities as well as tourism marketing and promotion insights for better brand penetration into this very competitive market.

Web Design & Development Service

  Web Design

Red Dirt Studio specialises in affordable web solutions including e-commerce solutions to clients across eastern Australia.

With over 10 years' experience developing, designing CMS websites for a diverse range of clients, our development principles are based not only on the look and feel of your website, but also the back-end technologies that are crucial for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Red Dirt Studio Web Design

We will guide you through the maze of CMS types, applications, and components that are available and work with you to determine what best suits your needs to ensure your website is easy to run with the minimum of fuss.

Applications like newsletters, EDM's, online shops, forums and Community Builders, etc, should all complement each other and be implemented with design and functionality in mind; it is always about continuity.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Since 2014, more visitors to your website will be on a smart device than a traditional computer and the trend is growing daily; nowadays, nearly 70% of your website traffic will be from a smart device (phones, tablets, etc).

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the design process that enables a website to be viewed on a tradition monitor as well as a smart device which have a myriad of diffent screen sizes and resolutions.

Testing Website Responsiveness

Testing your websites responsiveness is easy! The two main ways to test the responsiveness of your website, online and in-browser.

There are several online tools that provide a quick overview of how your website reacts to various monitor sizes; the following are a few of the most popular:

  1. Responsinator
  2. Responsive Website Test
  3. Responsive Test

These are very handy but don't provide all the monitor sizes, so for a more precise and size-customisable way to examine the responsiveness of your website, a browser-developer tool is the next step up.

All browsers can be loaded with an app that allows closer inspection of your webpage under different monitor sizes and probably the most popular is Firefox's 'Responsive Design View'. With that installed and open on your webpage, it is easy to define specific monitor sizes to test responsiveness, and see what is not rendering properly and what elements need adjusting.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is probably one of the most confusing, and hyped, aspects of your website and there is no shortage of SEO ‘professionals’ spruiking that they, and only they, know the magic formula to get your site to number one ASAP.

Albury SEO (Search engine optimisation)

The truth is, there is no magic formula and no one can guarantee you will be number #1 for the keyword/s that is best for your business or service. Sure, they can get a top SEO ranking for less competitive keyword phrases, but will that help visitation to your website? Probably not.

Red Dirt Studio has been providing SEO services for over ten years and our best SEO results are achieved by long-term strategies that follow Google’s best practices for the best search engine results.

About Search Engine Optimisation

  SEO Albury Wodonga

There are no shortcuts, or quick solutions, so doing it right initially will cost you less in the long term and ensure consolidated results in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

How are we performing?

We recently did an SEO audit of the websites we currently host/manage - websites we apply or SEO procedures to -and here is how our averages for the last three months stack up when compared to the same period last year.

  • Session: +29%
  • Unique Users: +30%
  • Page Views: +31%
  • Pages per Session: +6%
  • Average Session: +13%

Hits and Misses: Notice we don’t mention ‘hits’. The old metric of hits is nothing more than when your website or web page appears in a search result, which may sound good but you might be on page 10, 50 or 469.

So while some SEO people still mention that in SEO proposals, it is of little relevance nowadays. The conversion of those hits to website viewing is what really matters.

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of website design and developement that will maximize a website's potential to be found in search results by your target audience.

While this is a very basic and general definition, it should be the initial consideration that all subsequent activities should be based.

Elements of SEO

Elements of SEO

Good website SEO should be approached at 3 levels:

1) On-Page Optimisation:

2) Technical Optimisation:

3) Technical Optimisation:

In light of this, there is then SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to consider.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing involves the strategy of promoting your website (normally with a cost) though advertising your site. SEM should only be considered after implementing the initial SEO of your website.

Here is an analogy.... You are looking for a particular shop/product on the High Street and as a result of extensive advertising and marketing, a certain shop/brand comes to mind.

Upon arrival at the advertised shop, you soon realize the shop/brand is not really all it is promoted to be.

Conversely, a friend told you about this great little shop off the High Street that they, and their friends, like and think you should consider. You go to the shop and it lives up to everything (and more) that you expected. You then tell your friends, who also tell thier friends.

In the example above, the former business has focused on SEM (the promotion) while the latter involves SEO.

Both SEO and SEM should be considered in your online business strategy, but success results from the correct balance of SEM once you have your SEO in order.

SEM will help your target find you if your SEO is good. Your target audience will not be disappointed when they turn up. If they are, there is every chance they will leave without investigating further (In SEO terms this is called a bounce)

The above is a basic overview and designed as a guide to some things that need to be consider with your SEO/SEM strategy.

Red Dirt Studio provides affordable Search Engine Optimisation service that will evaluate page/content characteristics of your website and provide insights to improve the Search Engine rank of your website.


Our SEO Service


Our SEO Process:

1) Consultation (FREE)

The first step in our affordable search engine ranking service is consultation to learn more about your website, your business and the aims & objectives of your online brand.

This is 100% free of cost and obligation.

2) Website Analysis (From $595)

Before any work can be done to improve your Search Engine Ranking, we must first analyse your website to determine its SEO health.

There are three broad areas that need to be looked at to improve search engine optimisation:

  • On Page Optimisation (how the site is built - frontend and backend)
  • Off-Page Optimisation (how the site interacts with the web)
  • Technical Optimisation (how the website and server functions in terms of web protocols)

3) Implementation (From $595/Month - 3 Month min process)

With the SEO strategy determined, Red Dirt Studio will implement and monitor changes on an ongoing basis, as determined by you, without any lock-in contracts!

We believe that engaging an SEO consultant should be based on SEO success and desired outcomes. This also allows for scheduling/varying SEO work throughout the year as desired.

 * Prices based on small-medium website & exludes GST

How Long Before I See SEO Results?

Search Engine Optimisation is a slow process and if done correctly, consolidated results should be seen in a few months (It can be shorter, but realistic & sustained SEO change can take this long)

Search Engine Optimisation Truths

  • #1: No one can 'guarantee' you top position in search results.
  • #2: It does not need costs a lot of money to improve your SEO.
  • #3: Search Engine optimization is not a complex process - But does take time.
  • #4: Following Google's guidelines will improve your search ranking.
  • #5: Google and other search engines are not easily fooled - short cuts will only get you penalised.

E-Commerce & Online Shops

E-commerce & Online Shops

Red Dirt Studio has extensive e-commerce web design experience covering all forms of online shops. We are well positioned to advise the best online shopping solution for your business' needs and within the budget you require.

Many people believe that online web shops are expensive, and they can be, but if planned correctly and constructed smartly, they don't need to cost the earth.

Red Dirt Studio is able to provide a tailor-made and affordable E-commerce website solution.

E-commerce & Online Shops

  Albury E-commerce & Online Shops

e-commerce and online shop design Albury Wodonga

Why do some online shops cost so much?

There are many elements to creating an online shop and probably the biggest proportion of the expense can be attributed to the time required to generate each product in web friendly and SEO relevant way.

Our solution is based on a VERY effective and efficient way to generate the data required for the shop; utilising anything from a word document, spreadsheet or similar, we are able to batch create a catalogue ready for integration with the shop. This process also enables easy management of the inventory and information can be easily imported and exported from the shop. This is one of the major strengths of HIKASHOP.

The Red Dirt Studio approach is a very cost-effective Ecommerce Web Design solution that integrates perfectly into Joomla.

Our E-Commerce Solution and Facility

Our E-Commerce Solution and Facility

When it comes to Online Shopping Solutions, it is easy to see why Hikashop is such a highly regarded Joomla Ecommerce Web Design component:

  • Shop & Product Transferability
  • Product Generation Made Easy
  • More Features, Less Complication

For more information on Red Dirt Studio e-commerce solutions, please contact us.