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simon bayliss photographerDestination and lifestyle photography is a passion of Australian professional photographer Simon Bayliss, who for the last 15+ years has specialised in product, promotion, and travel photography; and built a reputation as a preferred service provider across many industries.

Having travelled most of Australia, NZ, Europe, and Scandinavia, his photographic passion comes from shared experiences.

Simon initially embarked on a successful Agribusiness career after graduating from Queensland University, firstly working in the cotton industry for the likes of Collie Farms and onto the AWB (Australian Wheat Board).

After a decade in the agricultural industry, he yearned for a more creative outlet, and reignited his childhood passion for photography. With the same grit and determination he exhibited through university and then the corporate world, Simon achieved his goal of becoming a successful commercial photographer.

With his love for pastoral history and natural affinity to the outback waterways borne out of his time spent in the Riverina as a teenager, Simon was offered various commissions from Regional Tourism Authorities, including being commissioned in 2008 to photograph the Darling River and Outback NSW for Outback NSW Tourism and the Darling River Run Project.

In 2009, the Darling River Run project won the 2009 Tourism NSW Gold award for Tourism Marketing in addition to collecting two awards at the Inland Tourism Awards (Tourism Marketing and New Tourism Development).

Over the last ten years, Simon has provided content to most of the lifestyle media, most of the major metro and community newspapers on the east coast of Australia, as well as the majority of state, regional and local tourism authorities.

Simon’s passion for professional photography has enabled him to work across all genre of photography covering editorial, portrait, product, promotion, vehicle, tourism, and travel.

Over the years, Simon's photography has featured by many publishers (print and digital) across news media and lifestyle magazines including:

  • Australian Financial Review
  • The Age
  • The Brisbane Times
  • The Sydney Morning Herald
  • The Border Mail
  • The Sunday Telegraph
  • The Herald Sun
  • RM Williams Magazine
  • Australian Traveller
  • Live to Ride Magazine
  • Caravan & Motorhome Magazine
  • Caravan & RV Magazine
  • Open Road Magazine
  • Overlander 4WD
  • 4WD Action
  • Unsealed 4X4
  • PC 4WD Adventures
  • RV Daily
  • What's Up Down Under

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